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Perform recalls, track lot codes, and manage inventory.

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Automatically Track Your Inventory

Inventory is automatically updated based on shipping and production activity.


Recall Products in Seconds

Isolate an ingredient by lot code and flag it in the recall manager. Easily print a report of everyone who is affected by the recall, their contact information, and what product needs to be disposed of.


Track and Trace

Track your inventory, production, and shipments by lot code. Automatically store records in the cloud in case you need to find them in the future.


Schedule and Manage Your Production

Schedule production from predefined formulations. Easily keep track of ingredient’s lot codes that go into production.


Create and Update Your Formulations

Create formulations from your list of approved products. Keep track of changes to formulations over time.


Import and Maintain Your Customer and Supplier Database

Keep a history of all interactions with contacts in your customer and supplier database.

Features Our Clients Love

Mock Recalls

Perform mock recalls in seconds.

Supplier Database

Create and manage a list of approved suppliers that you can order and receive shipments from.


Enter the compromised lot codes and click "recall" to automatically generate a recall report.

Inventory Tracking

The system will keep your inventory up to date based on shipping and production activity.

Lot Code Tracking

Easily keep track of ingredient lot codes through your entire production process.


Easily log production activity with pre-defined formulations.

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  • Recall Management
  • Lot Codes
  • Automated Inventory Tracking
  • Shipping Logs
  • Customer Database
  • Supplier Database
  • Formulations
  • Over 20 Additional Features


  • Includes Traceability+
  • Monitoring Suite
  • Planning Suite
  • Monitoring Dashboard
  • Tasks and Reminders
  • Verification
  • Unlimited Users
  • Deviations
  • Over 30 Additional Features